The Luxury Collection | Exclusive Phuket Real Estate

Explaining the growing appeal and value of branded residences for lifestyle seekers as well as for serious property investors with little time on their hands. (Click on the infomatic below).

Branded residences usually offer annual investment returns, and a better resale value and a quicker sale simply because they are more desirable.

Branded Residence with High Return:  YOO Hotel Resort and Residences, Phuket

Whilst the lifestyle benefits from staying in your own luxury property are probably what led you to choose a particular property or hotel brand in the first place, it’s no surprise that personal usage is often sacrificed for a much better investment return.

Branded Residence for Mixed-Use: The Sheraton Grand Bay (Marriott group)

Investments vary, offering fixed guarantees for a fixed time or open-ended with no cap and flexible renewal periods for rental investment income.  Look out for buy-back arrangements, which take the risk and costs out of re-selling and typically include a guaranteed price premium which can add significantly to the overall investment value.

Asia 360 markets new branded residences in Phuket from some of the top international and regional hospitality operators. Contact us to receive full information packs.


Interested in the full report? Click here to view the full report from Knight Frank.

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